Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Chinese Herbal Medicine has the advantage of being organic and a natural use of medicinal plants or herbs that have been selected over thousands of years of clinical experience, thus reducing the chance of any counter reaction or side effect. Used by a professional practitioner Chinese herbal medicine can be made into prescription formulas containing five to ten herbs each for treating almost any medical condition. These herbs being plant material are like our normal food intake that is ingested and digested entirely normally as the body expects. Therefore Chinese Herbal Medicine can be absorbed without side effect and provide all the nutrient deficiencies needed to maintain a healthy body or to assist the body in curing illness and disease. Because of the gentle, organic nature of herbal medicine the curative effect is built up over a period as the body accumulates the active ingredients in the most efficacious form possible.

Many of the formulas are made as unique combinations of classic ideas of herbal prescriptions that have the additional advantage of being easy and safer to take in the modern life style. Still containing the same medicinal natural herbal ingredients they are available as pills, capsules, freeze dried granules and creams for a whole range of medical problems and cures.