Covid Powdered Herbal Remedy



As the World awaits a suitable vaccine it is recognised that Traditional Herbal Treatments can alleviate the symptoms.  The Traditional Herbal Treatments assist in reducing the symptoms and flushing out viral infection. These are based on many years of use in lung and viral infection epidemics throughout the world.

Currently we can now add the same Raw Herbal Prescription as a much easier Powdered Herbal Product. Each 100 gram bottle can be used according to need.

  • For Mild symptoms 20 grams (3 heaped teaspoons) a day
  • For stronger symptoms 33 grams (5 heaped teaspoons) a day dissolved in a quarter cup of boiling water and stirred well, then allowed to cool

When cool stir again and drink, some more water can be added to swill out any residue in the cup, which can also be swallowed

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