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Why Only Chinese Traditional Medicine Can Cure Vitiligo

Vitiligo is an increasingly common skin disease that often gives an unpleasant appearance. Without medical treatment, it tends to get worse and hardly heals up by itself. Unfortunately, conventional medicine has no solution to it.

Treatment by herbal medicine appears a safe and effective way. Herbal medicine must be used in a compound prescription. There is not such a single herb has been confirmed able to be a relevant medicine so far. Chinese traditional medicine reckons that the trigger of this disease is that the metabolite accumulated under skin and leads to the atrophy of chromatophore. For this reason, the solution is to improve circulation, keep water in body and enrich QI using multiple herbs. The pigment of skin can be resumed by a combination of these three approaches. There was a well known ancient proved prescription named “Huang Qi Wu Wu Soup”, which provides these three functions. Originally this medical prescription was made to cure stroke sequelae and hemiplegia. Dr. Gao added ingredients to apply to vitiligo. It proved effective. He has cured more than 50 vitiligo patients in a couple of years. In the most successful case, a large area of white speckles on patient’s face and neck recovered by one month’s treatment of herbal medicine.

For patients’ convenience, Vitiligo Capsule has been made. This capsule applies to all vitiligo patients. TCM insists on holistic and systematic treatment where medical prescriptions are slightly adjusted by doctors according to patients’ conditions. Thus herbal tea under prescription is the most ideal solution. Dosage of Vitiligo Capsule: 5 to 6 capsules each time, 3 times daily, swallow with water. Proved by years of clinical practice, this capsule also can be applied to treat other diseases if combined with relevant herbal tea. Good results have been received in treating collagenous diseases such as scleroderma, rheumatoid and myasthenia etc. Capsules cost £35.00 per jar of 200 capsules enough for two weeks.

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