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Psoriasis is the appearance of under-developed skin cells, which are caused by either the new cells pushing out too early or the old cells dying off before the new cells are yet ready. The solution is the supply of sufficient nutrients and blood supply to carry these nutrients to nourish the growing cells to maturity before they become exposed.

Blood supply to the scalp (with its low skin density) means that the finest capillary veins often becomes restricted with age causing lack of nourishment to the hair follicles so baldness and loss of hair colour result and also sometimes psoriasis on the scalp. The areas around the joints are often subject to excess movement and lower skin density that can reduce the capillary action of feeding new cells easily. The back can become hot and rubbed by people who sit a lot, which is why such areas are more susceptible to psoriasis outbreaks. Of course in severe cases even the fleshy areas can be affected but usually less so.        

Too many people use creams that are chemicals such as steroids supplying various necessary trace elements but these chemicals need to be converted by the body and are not so easily absorbed by the body as those absorbed by the digestive system, such as those obtainable from organic plant materials, like herbs. This is the main reason why herbs work better and need less strength than pharmaceuticals. The natural action of soaking, cooking herbs to produce the aqueous solution or “herbal tea” are the most natural way we can take medicine (just like part of our diet). Therefore there are far less side effects. We also use herbal creams for external application which tend to be more gentle than pharmaceuticals but again these are not really dealing deep down with the new cell regeneration, which is where the main problem really lies. The complex chemical instructions that control cell regeneration can be successfully controlled by the elements in herbal medicines. Also problems like stress produce other chemicals that counter-attack or confuse the normal, correct chemical signals producing malformed cells that again appear as psoriasis. Herbs for stress are also contained in the prescription. Herbal King creams are also 100% herbal without steroids for additional relief to psoriasis skin.

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