Treating Multiple Sclerosis (MS) With TCM

Herbal King Nervous System

Multisclerosis is a nervous system disease in which case degenerate nerve fiber causes conduction block. In the ancient time, anatomy and physiology were undeveloped. While TCM doctors were able to make a therapeutic principle through identifying clinical symptoms, finding out specialties of diseases and referring to previous knowledge of herbal medicine.

The main symptoms of this disease are paralysis, pain, numbness, incontinence of urine and encopresis. The patient in the early stage of Multisclerosis has abnormal feelings such as pain, causalgia and numbness. TCM consider those as “block of blood and channels” and “attack by virus” etc, i.e. “excessive in nature”. Anaphase suffering for long time if the patient lose the feelings then TCM doctors describe it as “nature turns from excess to deficiency” which indicates “weakness in QI”, “weakness in endocrine system” and “weakness in hemopoietic system”.

Cognition and Remedies of M.S With Modern TCM

Modern TCM doctors know the modern diagnostic technologies. It enables them to explicitly distinguish M.S from other diseases with symptom of paralysis. In both the nonage and anaphase of M.S, we stick to the basic therapeutic principle consistently. As per different stages and patients with other diseases, we make particular changes accordingly.

Modern TCM doctors discovered the common ground in physiological and pathologic transformation among the tissues of cerebral cortex, neurons, nerve fiber and pituitary, etc. Thus they look for useful herbs and medical prescriptions in relevant ancient books then compare them and select most suitable and reliable herbal medicine.

Nonage of M.S.

TCM treats the patient in nonage of M.S according to the root cause of the disease. Traditional theory reckons that the attack from virus and transformation of some special substances in endocrine system lead to the denaturation of myelin of nerve fiber. Therefore we should choose the herbal medicine to get rid of virus and improve the balance of endocrine system plus the ones to improve blood circulation and enhance QI. At the same time, acupuncture is also can be used.

Anaphase of M.S.

TCM doctors have not lost confidence in the patient in the anaphase of M.S. There are lots of herbal medicines that can improve the function of nerve cells and promote the regeneration of cells. Hence nourishing herbal medicine is mainly aimed for those patients to accelerate the regeneration of nerve fiber. Those herbal medicines help to boost the functions of cerebral cortex, hemopoietic, endocrine system and splanchnic organs. Acupuncture doesn’t appear to take effect straight away with those patients but theoretically if they stick to acupuncture it must work in a certain period of time.

Dr. Gao reckons the key point of treating M.S is to maintain the physiological and metabolic stabilization of nerves and maintain the stabilization and balance of relevant systems to nerve system at the same time. According to TCM five-system doctrine and Ying-Yang doctrine, the denaturation of nerve fiber harms motorial system under its control such as blood vessels and muscles. While the damage to itself is from its mother system that controls nerves. It’s not allowed to ignore that the feedback from its child system such as blood vessels and muscles can also stimulate the excitability of nerve fiber.

We should start from its mother system to treat M.S and focus on endocrine system, hemopoietic system and bone cells etc. Meanwhile we should choose the herbal medicine to nourish, regulate and stablish brain and nerve cells. It could be the best solution.

The Clinical Experience of Dr. D. Gao

Two decades ago, Dr. Gao succeeded a lot in treating epilepsy, manic-depression using ancient proven prescriptions. Satisfying results were also achieved with similar medical prescriptions. Anaphase he came to the UK, he obtained assured results in treating M.S with the medical prescriptions mentioned above. Then he recreated medical prescriptions aiming at the specialties of M.S and made other forms of medicine which are convenient to take. At present, the successful rate in treating M.S is higher than 80% with M.S capsules, row herbal tea and acupuncture together.


In the nonage of M.S, it’s recommended to use M.S capsules and together with raw herbal tea and acupuncture.

  1. Medical prescription of herbal tea:
    Mu Gua (12g), Hong Hua (6g), Gui Zhi (10g), Jiang Huang (6g), Cang Zhu (10g), Huang Bai (6g).
    Functions: This prescription is intended to improve blood circulation and kill viruses. It tries to eliminate the root cause that affects nerve fiber. And combining with M.S capsules, it helps recover the function of nerve conduction.
  2. Acupuncture: selection of particular acupuncture points


In the nonage of M.S, it’s recommended to mainly use M.S capsules and assist with herbal tea and acupuncture.

  1. Medical prescription of raw herbal tea:
    Huang Qi (30g), Ren Shen (6g), Rou Cong Rong (15g), Gui Zhi (15g), Hong Hua (6g).
    Functions: This prescription is intended to enhance QI with ginseng and Huang Qi and promote muscular metabolism to prevent muscles from atrophy. Meantime it can also promote endocrine system and hemopoietic function. Rou Cong Rong is used to strengthen endocrine system to benefit nerve cells. Gui Zhi and Hong Hua are intended for improving blood circulation.

The Prescription Principle and Function of M.S Capsules

This prescription is composed of 12 herbal medicines. Proven by plenty of clinical experiences, those ingredients can enhance memory, accelerate the concrescence of wounds and recovery of fracture, regulate blood pressure , benefit anaemia and sexual function. We can see from above, those medicine can also act on nerve system, hemopoietic system and endocrine system thus it can be of help to M.S.

In fact, no matter patients in nonage or anaphase, with 3 months of treatment by this capsule their conditions are apparently under control and no longer exacerbate. After 6 months of treatment, most patients can get certain recovery.

General effective results can stay as long as two years.

Having been used till now, this prescription hasn’t seen any side-effect. It may produce very light excitement. Insomnia patients could take some herbal tea to calm down nerves.

Other Diseases That M.S Capsules Can Be Applied To

This medicine also applies to encephaloma patient who is not suitable to have an operation or is used to prevent those from relapse after operations. Additionally, it applies to epilepsy, neural tinnitus, senile dementia, brain inteneration by thrombus, cerebellar atrophy, Parkinson’s disease and depression disease etc.


This capsule is extracted and concentrated from raw herbal medicine. 1 gram of capsule is equivalent to 5 gram of raw herbal medicine. It’s recommended to take 4 capsules each time, 3 times a day for adult. Children take half dosage.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

Adults need 6 bottles per month. A 6 month is a course (36 bottles).