Fibroids & Cysts

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A fibroid growth can occur in many different organs as can fibrosis inflammation or simply thickening that results in fibroids in the womb, mastoplasia, lung sclerosis, liver cirrhosis, and kidney sclerosis among others. Conventional medicine frequently uses surgery to remove these and has nothing to cure such complaints.

In Chinese Medicine, however, Professor Gao, wrote as long as thirty years ago about the herbal treatment of liver cirrhosis and since has produced an effective herbal treatment.

Now a herbal medicine called anti-fibrosis capsule has been produced according to the original traditional herbal prescription. It has been proved that this capsule has reliable curative effects for all types of fibroid growth or fibrosis. Normal treatment requires taking the capsule for between four and twelve months before the fibroid can disappear or the fibrosis of the organs gets better allowing the normal organ function to recover. This anti-fibrosis capsule has also been found to work well on congenital renal cysts, ovarian cysts, ovarian poly-cysts and similar skin growth complaints. The results of many successful cases has led the company, Herbal King, to set up a special research to discover more detailed knowledge of the working mechanisms of the prescription and how to further improve the capsules efficacy.