Fibroid Treatment

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The Fibroid Capsule is one the most successful high quality products from Herbal King. It is for the treatment of fibrosis of the internal organs, such as in emphysema, the hardening of liver tissues, liver haemangioma , polycystic kidneys and polycystic ovaries, including womb fibroids among others. It also has good effect in the unblocking of fallopian tubes, infertility and endometriosis.

This prescription was improved by Dr Gao based on the traditional prescription developed 300 years ago. There are 18 different ingredients used, it can help relax the smooth muscle tissue, improve the micro circulation, help the metabolism of cells, adjusting the endocrine system and helping the body repair and recover itself. The new prescription has been used for nearly 20 years to date and no unwanted side effect has yet been found though some patients reported it has the additional effect of reducing the under skin (subcutaneous) fat deposits. It has been used in the UK for 10 years, and found to have cured a lot of fibroids, infertile patients, also has produced some successful cases suffering from fibrosis of the lungs, polycystic kidneys and liver haemangioma.

The Chinese medicine uses natural medicinal herbs. In China, it has been used in hospitals under the same condition as conventional medicine. But in western countries it only can be classified as food and healthcare product, which prevents it from being recognised and helping more patients. We hope there are more doctors, hospitals willing to recover the use of nature medicines and thereby bring more good news to their patients.

The product uses sticky (glutinous) rice as the material for the capsule cover, within which each contains 0.5 grams of herbal powder. For a patient of weight between 40 to 69 kilos the dosage is 5 capsules each time taken 3 times a day; for those under 40 kilos, 4 capsules three times a day and those over 70 kilos weight it is recommended they take 6capsules three times a day.

Throughout its use over the years detailed checking of patients records, no side effect has been thus recorded.

These Fibroid Capsules contain no animal ingredients and no chemical ingredients. You can buy the capsules from our online shop.